Yes we are! This is an excellent question and we love having smart, interested and informed supporters. We hope the additional questions below give you all the information you’re looking for as you consider aligning yourself with our organization. If you have any unanswered questions by the end of this list, do not hesitate to let us know in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We are both a non-profit and a charity. We operate as a 501(c)(3) organization. Our EIN is 83-3673750. We are registered out of Kansas City, MO.

Modern Exodus is a support and relief agency for persecuted LGBTQI+ members in hostile or violent countries. We provide visas to targeted individuals that allow them to start over in safer locations where they are free to live their truth without fear of retaliation. Our “Modern Exodus Visas” are legal U.S. visas that are fully funded by the charity of our partners and donors. We also provide one way transport, 1-3 months housing, food, and clothing to support our refugees in the process of their fresh start. Some of our partner companies sponsor our refugees through work programs. Once they have arrived, they also employ them to provide stable income for their new life.

While our advocacy and education does largely focus on fighting for policy change and rescuing from the 75 countries listed, this list is not exhaustive. Applicants in danger from all geographic regions are welcome to apply. Our larger goal is safety and change everywhere.

  1. In order to protect the safety and identity of both our refugees and their families back home, we are not able to disclose the names of the companies in which they are placed for employment. Some of the countries these people are saved from would harm or imprison family members, friends, and associates in their home countries if any connection was made. This also protects them from the risk of their government obstructing their visa or travel.

Feel free to check back for future volunteer opportunities as the need of in person volunteers change constantly. However, on a day to day basis the power of your voice is a valuable tool. Supporting us as often as possible by telling the people you know about the work we do and why it is important to you is a highly impactful way to support us at no cost to you. That being said, we do require resources in order to save refugees which means monetary contributions are equally as impactful. A tax deductible donation is the most tangible way to support the work that we do. Without funding, we are unable to make rescues.

Money donated covers all costs incurred in the rescue of our refugees. This includes: legal fees, travel, housing, food, and living expenses associated with starting over in a new country.

The process has many variables so a finite time frame is difficult to give. We shoot for 1-4 months. Some factors that may affect the timeline are: government approvals, scheduling, cost of transportation, and safety measures.

In 2019 we were able to rescue 15 people. Our goal for 2020 is to rescue 300+ people.

No we do not. Since we are not an educational institution nor can we guarantee acceptance by an educational institution upon arrival, we are unable to provide this type of visa.

We currently offer two visas. Each applicant’s situation is individually evaluated based on several factors. A few of the main factors we consider are safety, time sensitivity, and job placement satisfaction. We aim not only to bring people to safety but to do so in a way that they are set up to succeed in a long term situation while also considering the urgency of their safety and well being. Based on those factors, applicants are provided either an amnesty or work visa.

Legal counsel, travel, 1-3 months housing based on job placement, food, and living expenses.

Our Founder, Ross Helart has a wonderful story here (clickable link to video) about this.

We pride ourselves on confidentiality and take extreme measures to protect the identity of our refugees. We know that the work we do is very sensitive and keep pertinent information closely contained to only the rescue team on a need to know basis.

We settle our refugees in multiple locations based on job availability and proximity to support. Once again, due to safety measures we are unable to disclose the locations in order to provide security and prevent putting anyone’s safety at risk.

Thanks to the help of our amazing influencer partners and people like YOU! Word travels fast on social media and when you share about us you are not only connecting us to supporters but also providing hope to people in places who may not have otherwise known we exist. Additionally, in the places we rescue from there are often secret communities of LGBTQI+ people that have connected. When one person is rescued from an area, it often sparks many more applicants from the region looking for the same hope.

We aim to set our refugees up for success which is why we are so careful with our placement process. Long term self sustainability is the goal. Due to this, it is not enough to simply transplant a refugee to the United States without the appropriate match in location, employment, and chance for success. The last thing we would want to risk is writing someone’s death sentence by setting them up in a situation that is not designed for their personal success. During the time our refugees are provided for, they are also creating the foundation to continue on into long term personal security on their own. 

Have questions that haven’t been answered or looking for additional information on Modern Exodus? Please reach out to us at [email protected]