Being gay in Africa is impossible. It’s a burden that you carry around & you can’t live with in our society. Most LGBT people live on the outskirts of the city because an accusations of homosexuality will put you in prison for 30 years or, even, worse killed by a mob in search of justice! I was recently attacked from people in my neighbourhood who claimed to know I was gay. They beat me and called me “MSENGE” which means “FA**OT”. I was saved by a group of women. I couldn’t go to the hospital because I lacked a PF3 form, which is a form given by the police when someone is involved in an accident or attack to receive medical services. Had I gone to the police and explained I was attacked based on homosexuality accusations, they would have arrested me. So, I dressed my own wounds and managed my back pains until I was healed. After the attack I had to move to a different neighbourhood. During the time I was healing I lost my job and could no longer afford my tuition fees so I had to drop out of school. I now have PTSD & severe anxiety attacks that come out of nowhere. Please Help me!

I grew up in Uganda with my mom and sister. My entire childhood I have always thought of myself as a girl and I would wear my moms stuff and play. When I started high school most of the kids bullied me for how I walked and my gestures. I was always looked down on. Being good at school was the only thing I thought might get me enough respect that I could be homosexual. When I finished high school my sister asked me to live with her and because she was pregnant. I received access to Facebook and I was exposed to this world I never knew existed and found online networks of gay people like me. I worked as a cleaner and I loved my job.Tthough there were homophobic slurs thrown around daily, nobody knew about my situation until 2016 when I was exposed by my boss’ wife. I logged onto Facebook in the shop and I forgot to log out. I came the next morning and they started asking me questions and started shouting calling me “faggot” and a lot of horrible slurs. People were shouting and some threw things at me and punched me but luckily I ran and just barely escaped. I had to deny everything to my friends and family and I don’t know to this day if they believe me or not. After 2016 my eldest cousin was working in Dubai and offered me a job in Dubai. I left to start a new job, life, and future as a cleaner. I fell in love with one of my workers because I thought he liked me but ever since I told him how I feel about him he’s been blackmailing me, taking money, and threatening to expose me. The punishment for homosexualy is imprisonment or death in Dubai and I’m scared of being exposed or even deported back to Uganda. I cannot sleep at night, I live in fear of being killed or even jailed. I know this is a long story but please help me. I saw this link on Brooke Lynn Hytes’ Instagram and I felt like this was the right place I could ask for help?

I have witnessed sad moments as a gay person. Seeing what a fellow gay person goes through has been really defeating and depressing. I have witnessed a gay person beaten and burnt before and as a gay guy myself, this always affects me. I fear it could be my turn someday. I experience depression, loneliness and crying each day. I know my future life will be bad and I will be unable to change it anytime soon. But I have one question for God. Why did he create me, make me gay, put me in an extended family that will frown at me when they find out I’m gay, make me the only possible obvious gay in the family, and make me to be born in a place where it is totally horribly bad to be my kind of person? I do not know if there will be an answer to this but I need to know. I know already. That my future here will be up and down . Behind this face of mine is a lonely guy who seek happiness and love. I feel I will be unable to carry this secret for long before I fail.

Thank you for caring about people like me in other countries. I live in Syria. There is a war happening in Syria, and even though my city has been safe for a while now, it’s not known when a strike will happen. War aside, people here are very old fashioned and close-minded, so being a homosexual here is hell. I cannot be open about my preferences because I would be shunned or killed by my family. I read on a local news page on facebook about a month ago that a man was stabbed to death in Damascus because of his homosexuality, I cannot help but imagine that happening to me incase people find out about me. Due to the political situation in Syria, the high ministry of education is forcing illogical regulations on newly graduating doctors. If I start my residency I will be forced to stay in Syria until I finish it (6 years) and I don’t think I can survive that long.

I was outed to my family by my ex-boyfriend. My father was high up in the government of Pakistan. He sent my Father and Mother multiple pics of us together and of us being intimate. As my entire family is extremely religious and high in politics they didn’t hesitate to take action. I was an outcast & told that if I reach out or talked to anyone that I knew I would be burned alive. I’ve watched my Uncle brag about burning homosexuals alive and I never know when he will turn his wrath on me.  I’m all alone, scared, hopeless, and feel like I was to blame for my reckless feelings. They have told me to shut up and bring no attention to myself and they will allow me to live in my shame. If you can save me I would be forever in your debt.