Why Modern Exodus?

In today’s political climate, minorities are becoming more marginalized and targeted. Modern Exodus is a charity that gives work visa for members of the LGBTQI+  who are in countries that make it illegal or extremely difficult to be their truest selves. 

“We believe that to whom much privilege is given, a cultural responsibly is required. ”

ROSS HELART @ Modern Exodus

We want to be a glittering rainbow of hope to our LGBTQI+ family whom need a hand of hope. We want to do our part in making sure that no more members of our community die at the hands of ignorance or jailed for being their most authentic selves. 

Can you help us today by partnering with us in a fundraiser that will bring awareness to our organization and also help fundraise for us to get these innocent people who are being targeted into the same freedoms that we experience daily. We are looking for members of the LGBTQI community to help us raise funds to give work visas to victims of hate and become refugees finding hope and a fresh start.

Every $15,000 will provide a refugee a plane flight, visa, first months housing, and a job where they can create a new future of inclusion. We have 10+ companies ready to hire our refugees and give them the chance to start a new life, free of persecution. Here at Modern Exodus, our goal is to have 100 members of the LGBTQI+ community, who are under extreme circumstances, with your help. By years end we hope to have over 200 refugees that can live their truth.


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