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We believe that with privilege comes responsibility. It is our responsibility to support the persecuted members of our international LGBTQI+ community.

Being an out and proud member of the LGBTQI+ community is a brave act anywhere in the world. The truth is the community as a whole still battles closed minds and discrimination. In the United States, and many other countries, we have made tremendous strides in equality, safety and government mandated acceptance of the basic human rights that everyone deserves. These basic human rights are rights that everyone deserves no matter their gender or sexuality. Not everyone, however, experiences such freedom in the place they call home. In 2020 there are still 75 countries with laws against homosexuality. In 13 of these countries the punishment is death. In several more of these countries the punishments include assault, imprisonment up to 30 years, and corrective rape. Many of these countries also retain a “gay panic clause” that excludes any and all harm inflicted upon an LGBTQI+ person (including murder) due to a persons discomfort with their sexulity from prosecution or accountability of virtually any kind. Living in the United States, we feel it is our responsibility to continue to fight for a more accepting culture, representation, and education at home, of course. However, we also feel a tremendous connection to the fact that it is our duty to exemplify the change we need to require in the world. We intend to accomplish this through advocacy, education, and support.

Time lapse

Change is Everything

Education- Our mission includes spreading knowledge and shining a light on the gross human rights injustices happening against the international LGBTQI+ community. There is still so little understanding of the horrifying acts happening beyond our borders in places where members of the community aren’t even seen as human much less citizens with rights. Without awareness there can be no change which is why education must remain a primary objective of ours. 

LGBTQI+  Empowerment- Community matters. In many countries the laws condemn not only members of the LGBTQI+ community, but also those who support or protect them. This means that often people must resign to indefinitely concealing their true identity for risk of being outed by their own flesh and blood or putting them in danger of punishment as well. Often times they are turned in by family, friends, and even secret lovers who do so in order to protect or save themselves. Our goal is to provide a community that ALL LGBTQI+ people can connect to, near or far, where they feel seen, accepted, validated, empowered, and loved. 

How do we

Facilitate global change?

Our mission includes investing in the safety and wellbeing of the LGBTQI+ community. We believe that there is power in voices that people can identify with. We know that by rescuing persecuted members of the international LGBTQI+ community and helping them rebuild their lives in safety, we are also building a global network of LGBTQI+ people who feel seen, valued, empowered and safe. With their help, we understand that we will eventually be able to open doors in places that otherwise may have lacked capacity for connection much less impact or change.