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"We believe that to whom much privilege is given, a cultural responsibly is required."

1 in 5 LGBTQI+ people are persecuted or considered felons in 2019. We bring hope to those who live in places where their identity is attacked and their lives are in danger. How will you be apart of the revolution?

212 Applications Received

Applicants submit their resumes and skills to be matched with location and a partner company. 

2019 Visa Goal

We provide one months housing, a plane ticket, food and clothing to get start. These "ME Visas" are legal U. S. visas, fully funded by the charity of our partners. 

13 Companies Already Pledged

Our partner companies are hiring, training, sponsoring our applicants through their work programs to provide income for their new life.

Donation Goal:
Change Toxic Legistration

Our goal is to see the globe be a safe space for all LGBTQI+ members. 

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Why Modern Exodus?

In a total of 74 countries, same-sex sexual contact is a criminal offense. In 13 countries, being gay or bisexual is punishable by death. These are; Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, parts of Nigeria, parts of Somalia, parts of Syria and parts of Iraq. Surprisingly, a total of 40 countries retain a 'gay panic' clause which enables people to use as a defense for committing crimes such as assault or murder that they were provoked because the person was gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Bigger Than Just the LGBTQI+ Community

Corrective rape is a hate crime wielded to convert lesbians to heterosexuality – an attempt to 'cure' them of being gay. Compared to many of South Africa's victims, Mvuleni was lucky: she survived. At least 31 women in the past 15 years did not. In 2007, to cite one incident, Sizakele Sigasa, a women's and gay rights activist, and her friend Salone Massooa, were outside a bar when a group of men started heckling and calling them tomboys. (source article)

Why are We Losing Ground?

L.G.B.T. people are twice as likely to be targeted as African-Americans, and the rate of hate crimes against them has surpassed that of crimes against Jews. (source article)

"Nearly a fifth of the 5,462 so-called single-bias hate crimes reported to the F.B.I. in 2014 were because of the target’s sexual orientation, or, in some cases, their perceived orientation." (source article)

Where are LGBTQI+ rights improving? 

Parts of Latin America remain the standard for equality for LGBT rights. Argentina's Gender Identity Law 2012 allowed the change of gender on birth certificates for transgender people. It also legalised same-sex marriage in 2010, giving same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples, including the right to adopt children. Uruguay and Mexico City also allow equal marriage and adoption, and last week Colombia recognised its first legal same-sex civil union (not "marriage").

In Asia, LGBT groups are making progess, if slowly. Last year, Vietnam saw its first gay pride rally and this year's event will launch a campaign for equality in employment. On Tuesday, it was reported that the country's ministry of justice has backed plans to legalise gay marriage, after the ministry of health came out for marriage equality in April.

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